A round up of eight great bicycles - one for every occasion/type of bloke out there - as seen in ShortList Magazine.
The line-up includes commuter/BMX oddball and aptly-named Cannondale Hooligan, singlespeed fashion weapon of choice the Charge Plug, the cheap and very useful commuter Boardman Hybrid Comp, the electric GoCycle, the flashier-than-a-Brompton-and-cheaper-too Mezzo D9, roadie uber-whippet the Giant TCR Advanced 3, the all-mountain, all-carbon, all-your-cash Whyte E-120 Superbike and the cheap-but-solid Raleigh Freeride AT20.
Friday, 17 July 2009

Mad Catz AirDrives FIT review

By me - Stuff.TV reviews MadCatz' headphones for cyclists. Can you hear traffic and music?

The Dunwich Dynamo is one of London's annual cycling events. Starting from London Fields in Hackney, cyclists on a July evening each year head out through Waltham Forest, past Epping, into Essex and then Suffolk until they reach the coast. That's 116 miles of riding. Through the night.
It was originally ridden by some crazy courier types. But it's been semi-organised for years now. In 2009, I did it for the first time.
The Dynamo is not to be taken lightly (despite the people on clown bikes, penny farthings and in jeans rather than lycra). I found it tough - particularly just after the 3 am feed stop in a specially opened village hall. Riding through the darkest, coldest hours, I had every layer I'd brought on, and was still chilly. I thought I wouldn't make it.
And that, perversely, is the brilliance of the Dynamo. Just when you're at low ebb (well, in the case of most "normal" cyclists, for whom 116 miles is a long way), the horizon pinks up and slowly the sun appears.
It's a very emotional moment - the night is filled with chatting riders helping each other through the end of the toughest bit mentally. After the sun came up, despite it starting to drizzle, I knew I'd made it.
Because the Dynamo is tough at times, it feels like a real adventure. A feel reinforced by finally arriving at the sea. Cyclists asleep under overturned boats. Swimming in the freezing cold waters to wake up. A massive fry up on the beach. It's a brilliant way to top off the event.
Then it's coaches back to central London and the excruciating few miles from there on tired legs and soggy shorts home.
Will I be on the Dynamo next year? Hell, yes.