Friday, 30 October 2009

Exposure lights review

Exposure LED bicycle lights - designed for serious road and off-road usage, these high-power lights dazzle with their compact, internal-battery, rugged design. Why are they a must buy? Read my review at Stuff.TV.

Five electric bicycles tested in The Sunday Times' InGear Test Bench section. The juiced-up Brompton-a-like GoCycle, lightweight modded Cannondale Capo (by Cytronex), a marathon Giant Twist Freedom CS, a budget iZip and quick-off-them-mark Urban Mover. But I'd still say you get fitter and enjoy your ride more on a bicycle powered solely by two legs and some food.

The hardcore, freeroaming/open world first-person military simulation shooter gets put through bootcamp by me for IGN UK, in full, explosive detail. Or just get the strategic sitrep from Electric Pig.